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One night in Bangkok is not enough to see all City attraction, but here is few tips what is worth to visit during your stay.

There definitely is many more amazing places here but if I was to write about all of them if honestly would spend many days at this but these are a few of the best places to visit here in my opinion. So here we go, there is few Things to do Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Arun

Bangkok, Thailand is a beautiful place it has many beautiful views and many beautiful structures one of these structures is a Buddhist temple which is located on the Thonburi west bank of the Chao Phraya River.

It is known as Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahawihan or as Wat Arun (‘’Temple of Dawn’’). It has its name from a Hindu god Aruna. It is an amazing building definitely Instagram worth, It is a highly rated tourist attraction that many people go there just to visit and to see the amazing structure exists since the seventeenth century but its amazing spires were built in the nineteenth century.

For people who travel to visit the temple charges 50 baht as an entrance fee. The temple is absolutely beautiful during the day but is an even better view during the night when it is all light up with its neon lights.

OCTAVE rooftop lounge

Bangkok is a very interesting place to visit with many views that are indescribable and breathtaking and the views from OCTAVE rooftop lounge bar are definitely one of them it shows an amazing panoramic view of Bangkok this building is a multiple story hotel but it is definitely worth a visit but the view is not only amazing during the night it is just as breathtaking if not more at night when the whole city is illuminating with its beautiful neon lights. This bar not only offers drinks and the view it also offers amazing food you should definitely try at least once in your lifetime.

It also offers more to it than just buildings it also has amazing museums one of these would be the Jim Thompson House, it is located in the center of Bangkok. You typically spend about 2 hours here but it is definitely up to you. It offers the art collection of American businessman and architect Jim Thompson, the museum designer and former house owner. It was originally built in 1959.

It is a great place when you want to escape the city and try amazing food. It also sells great Thai silk at a really good price definitely worth getting.


CentralWorld a shopping plaza and complex.

As usual there is something for shopping lovers there is a CentralWorld which is a shopping plaza and complex. It is the tenth biggest shopping complex in the world which makes it pretty impressive in size.


It used to be a Worlds trade center until 2001 when it became Centralworld in 2003 the construction renovating and expanding later it became a 45-story, 204 meter tall building. The original plan was for it to have 63 floors.

It has many attractions including an enormous outdoor space (biggest in Bangkok) which is used for a new year’s countdown. There were 400 dancing fountains incorporated into the plaza.

Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo

It also offers attractions such as a zoo which isn’t like as normal as it may seem it claims to have the world’s biggest crocodile in captivity which is named Yai.

It is 6 meters long and weighs 1,114kg.
It is called the Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo is a crocodile zoo. The zoo offers other animals other than crocodiles these include lions, tigers, elephants, monkeys, horses and also hippos.

They have daily crocodile shows that include crocodiles doing tricks such as putting their hands and heads in the crocodile mouths. They offer elephant shows too which show them walk tight ropes skate board and also dance. You can also explore the crocodile museum enjoy a train ride or even an elephant ride.

The admission is 300 baht for adults and only 200 for children. There has been unfortunate events which include suicides when three people have jumped into a pond with crocodiles and were eaten alive but unless you have a death wish and plan on jumping into a pond with these dangerous animals you should be safe.


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