Łódz in Poland is a fascinating place that has many amazing attractions it has many beautiful murals, sculptures and buildings. One of these amazing places would be Piotrkowska street which is longest street in europe (4.9 km long) full of different shops, book stores and bakeries.

You can exit this street by one of many alleyways which lead you to more fascinating views one of these would be a small alleyway turn which leads to a ‘glass garden’ which has buildings covered in bits of broken mirrors when the sunlight reflects from these it makes amazing creations worthy of an Instagram post. This is just at the very start of the long street.

The address is Piotrkowska 3 all parts of the street have their own address.
This street is also known as the Lodz walk of fame which just like the Hollywood walk of fame has brass stars with engraved names of many famous polish actors, singers and movie producers.

One of the statues on the street would be Arthur Rubinstein’s piano shows Arthur playing his piano on Piotrkowska 78.
Another statue would be Julian Tuwim’s Bench which shows Julian sitting on his bench, children enjoy sitting on his lap to take photos for memories and many believe that lovers should rub his nose so that it would bring them good luck, hence why his nose is golden, shiny and clean and the rest of his body is matte and slightly dirty.

Another statue was put up after a children’s cartoon ‘mis Uszatek’ with his signature look of a floppy ear this cartoon bear entertained polish kids of all ages since 1957 to this day.

The street has many great shops, restaurants, bakeries and book stores. In the bakeries you can find many amazing cakes a few definitely worth trying would be ‘wz-dka’, ‘piernik’,’ kremowka’ also known as a ‘napoleonka’ or ‘rurka z kremem’.
For all those manga fans there is an amazing manga shop just at the start of Piotrkowska the shop is called ‘Kitsunebu’ here you can find practically any manga, amine poster you can also get cosplay parts e.g. wigs, costumes and even bags and bag packs. This specific shops appearance is very unique as it has many characters from different anime’s and manga’s all painted on the wall it looks very interesting and it makes the actual shop stand out more from all of the buildings surrounding it as it is very colorful. It is very pleasant to look at altogether adds to the story since Poland is well known for its colorful murals all scattered around tall buildings.

Main form of transport for those who don’t drive would be a bus or a tram to which tickets aren’t expensive and are bought with the amount of time you need if for during that specific time your ticket is for you can switch busses or trams as many times as you wish as long as your ticket was scanned on special machines which make holes and stamp your tickets to prove it was used. The bus line 65 takes you around the main points in the city. To get tickets for this form of transport you have to pay at little ‘sheds’ that are scattered around the whole city there usually is at least one or two on every street, these aren’t open late so you are advised to buy a few tickets in advance in case you need to travel late.

Lodz has a few markets where you can buy practically anything from clothes to food to animals these markets are in special storage units under a roof but it also has markets that are on specific days of the week that are held outside at stalls. One of these indoor markets would be ‘Rynek Baludzki’ which you could travel to on the bus line 65. Another one would be ‘Rynek barlicki’ this one would be slightly less popular.

Manufatura is an enormous shopping mall it has many shops, restaurants and in the winter it even has an ice skating rink outside where you pay to go ice skating on real ice. It has a big cinema that you enter through the side entrance. It has many food parlor lined outside it also has many on the top floor of the actual mall. The building is lined with a few fountains that are on all day and are light up with lights during the night.

The whole city has amazing sceneries and many places worth a visit these are just some of the most popular and interesting. This is a truly beautiful place that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. The overall experience is great too people are quite nice in the odd time something may be unpleasant but it’s like that practically everywhere you go.

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