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Holidays on Lanzarote


Lanzarote is one of the best destinations I have ever visited in my life. It is strategically located which makes it accessible by land and through the ocean. There are at least a thousand things you can do here. You can enjoy Holidays on Lanzarote and be relaxing sea breeze on the white sandy beaches which cools you off and caresses you with the fresh, warm and cooling smooth breeze.


To the south of where I was you can clearly see the volcanic landscape, and to the north, there is the gentle greenery with the locals going about their business and some relaxing after a long day’s work. There are many resorts that are available to tourists. I chose this particular one because it gave me a better offer and I really appreciate everything they have offered me to date. Some of the other popular resorts include Playa Blanca, Costa Tequise, Puerto Calero, Playa De Los Pocillos and Puerto Del Carmen.


It does not matter whether you are looking for a lively holiday experience or just want a calm and relaxing break from your normal life, Holidays on Lanzarote offers you everything you need. You can book a flight to the location cheaply; I was amazed how affordable the flights are in fact am still puzzled.

Holidays on Lanzarote
Panorama of Lanzarote


Once you reach here, you will find many cheap package holidays which you can even get on the last minute booking. The package holiday Lanzarote deals are inclusive of travel and cater for all the essentials that you may need.

Even though it is a volcanic island, Lanzarote has many resorts all with stunning white sand beaches. I could not help myself. The long stretch of sand is very attractive and creates a concept of classic beach breaks. The beaches feature many water sports which I had the chance to participate in and had a great time.


Volcanic scenery


This is one fierce and unprecedented phenomenon that occurred in the 17th century. The volcanic eruptions left the island utterly unique. In fact, it is a UNESCO protected site. The world body gave it a World Biosphere Reserve status. I had the opportunity of walking around the silvery mountain peaks and black rock formations on the interior of the island. The craters created an amazing fire mountain which has beautiful scenery.


I had a chance to visit the Timanfaya National Park. I felt like am wondering on the surface of the moon. The experience is indescribable and still left yearning for more. In fact, my short stint on the island left me with more craving. I just wanted to remain there a while longer and enjoy the beauty of the island more.



timanfaya national park lanzarote
Timanfaya National Park

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Cesar Manrique influence


Cesar Manrique is one of the famous artists who inhabited the Lanzarote island. The artist left amazing artistic imprints all other Lanzarote. His great work is hard to miss from the wall installations, sophisticated bars and concert halls. He clearly was a brilliant artist. Cesar converted underground caves into sophisticated bars and amazing concert hall that still stands today and is a clear testimony of his great achievement and artistic prowess. Do not forget to visit the bars and concert hall to enjoy an amazing artwork.

cesar manrique
Cesar Manrique Artwork


“The land of eternal spring”


Locals commonly refer to Lanzarote as the land of eternal spring. When you come down here and travel to various locations on the island, you will clearly come to one conclusion. Whoever said those words was justified because it is a world of beautiful things. I found myself in need of more time to explore and enjoy my holiday. Unfortunately, my clock had timed out, and I had to pack and leave. It was a pleasure getting to know the beautiful Lanzarote Island and coming down here to see it for myself was an honor. I am left with memories that I will forever cherish.


You can visit the island and spend some quality time on the beautiful mountains. There are also many business ventures that I found worth my investment. The Lanzarote airport is always beaming with flights coming in and going out. It is a haven of activities. The online booking options were satisfying and gave me an easy way to get my tickets and get the right flight that got me to the island fast.


Top Lanzarote island attractions


Playa De Papagayo


This is one of the best beaches I have ever visited. I enjoyed spending quality time surfing, lounging, and swimming. There are many locals and tourists to keep you company in the waters. In fact, I got to make new friends who I found very interesting. People come here from all walks of life and cultures.

playa papagayo lanzarote
Papagayo Beach


Marina Rubicon


You got to visit this place. It is located on the Playa Blanca which is one of the most beautiful white sands beaches on the island. Besides you can pay a visit to the local market which is close-by and sample some of the best items and local foods that Holidays on Lanzarote has to offer its vast number of tourists and locals. You can get something to remember your holiday experience on Lanzarote Island.

Cheap Holidays Lanzarote
Marina Rubicon Lighthouse


Jardin De Cactus


I honestly enjoyed walking in the botanical garden. There are plenty of local and non-indigenous plants, fauna and flora. It is a world of beauty with a healthy quality air. I couldn’t help it but is admit I dozed off a bit in the garden and got to listen to birds and watched the beautiful butterflies.

lanzarote flights
Jardin De Cactus


Museo De Arte Contemporaneo


The contemporary art museum is historic. The Castillo De San Jose museum has been in existence since the 18th century. It was constructed to address the predominant piracy problem in that era. The museum is just 30 minutes walking distance from Lanzarote city center.

The museum has much artwork by famous artists like Millares, Cesar Manrique, Tapies, Miro, Gerardo Rueda and Sampere among others. I stuck around the museum restaurant and got to sample various delicacies to my satisfaction. Later on, I continued admiring the artistic prowess of the famous artists on the island.


Castillo De Santa Barbara


This is the oldest castle in the Canary Islands. However, it is difficult to guess that just looking at it because it is in an amazingly perfect shape. The castle was constructed by Sancho De Herrera in the 16th century atop the Guanapay Peak. While standing at the perch, you can watch the beautiful scenery of the glorious plains. I loved the view.


The restored castle is now the home of Museo Del Emigrante Canario. There is a myriad of collections of the history of the migration to Spain from the American colonies.

Holiday on Lanzarote
Castillo De Santa Barbara


Centro Insular De El Almacen


The bright gallery serves as the cultural center of Lanzarote island. Looking around it is almost impossible to notice Manrique’s influence in face-lifting the cultural center. The center has an exhibition, cinema, restaurant and a bar. The restaurant is named Picasso who happened to be Manrique’s friend. It is a perfect place to go to on the weekend and enjoy live music performance by the locals.


Iglesia De San Gines

On the Sabbath, I had an opportunity to visit the Iglesi De San Gines which is the church named after the island’s patron saint. The Church was built in 1665 and showcases a beautiful statue. The statue was sculptured in Cuba. Remember, the check the opening hours of the church service so that you do not miss out on the worship service.


Playa Del Reducto


This is a gorgeous sandy beach, and it is picture perfect for outdoor activities. It has a perfect relaxing atmosphere which you enjoy and will greatly love. The white sandy beach is close to Calle, and it is a perfect place to go out and have some fun with kids. It is probably, one of the cleanest and least crowded beaches I have been to recently. It gives you the privacy and peace you need.


Famara Beach


Locally call it the unspoiled sands. It is famous and a popular attraction beach as it draws both tourists and locals alike. The experience is breathtaking, and I truly enjoyed every single moment I spent on this beach. I love my Holidays in Lanzarote.

Lanzarote Holidays
Sunset on the Famara Beach


Lagomar Museum


The museum has stunning architecture. It is built right into the surrounding volcanic mounds and rock. It is a great attraction with amazing displays of local culture.


Gran Casino De Lanzarote


It is a large modern and exciting casino. It offers roulette and other popular games that you can enjoy. I do not love casinos, but I had to see it, and I must admit that I was impressed with the casino.

Traveling to the sun-soaked Spanish island was an amazing experience. I loved every bit of my encounter with the locals and the various attractions that exist in Lanzarote. The island is located just 100 miles off the coast of Africa. It must be one of the closest points to the African Continent.

Visit the amazing island for an unforgettable experience and getaway you will never forget. There are many package holiday Lanzarote offers to choose from. As someone who has been there myself, I will tell you categorically that you will love the experience.


I look forward to planning my next vacation and I will surely be back here for some more. Lanzarote Island has some of the finest beaches in the Canaries. The spectacular volcanic landscapes are an unforgettable feature on the island. In fact, any tourist will be spoilt for choice once you land on the island. I had my fill of exploration and still yearn for more.


When it comes to Lanzarote resorts, there are many, and they have amazing offers and hospitality. It is tempting to try and spend a night in each one of them. The food is splendid, and the resorts have glorious sandy shores with plenty of water sports actions. Feel free to join in and participate. I could not help it them, and the experience was fun.


It does not matter where you stay; you will always be close to the water parks and fun-filled theme parks. The package holiday Lanzarote experience makes an excellent day out even with the family. The nature trails and beautiful sceneries are not easily forgotten in my mind.


I loved the Timanfaya National Park too. It is breathtaking and full of amazing plant species and nature experience that makes it a great escape from the busy city life. It is easy to forget your worries and fears for a moment just enjoying the beauty of the natural environment.


The holiday provided many opportunities to appreciate life and the creation. Clearly, there are many places that people take for granted but have unimaginable beauty. I got holed down there for almost two weeks and still couldn’t get more of Lanzarote island.


Arrecife which is the capital of the island is a very enticing town. It is hard to miss as a tourist. It is a perfect place to spend your day exploring the various historic sites and enjoy the beautiful beaches.   After dark usually, tourists relax over the tapas as they party the night away in one of the several bars and nightclubs.

Lanzarote Canary Islands
Arrecife – The Capital City

Puerto Del Carmen

About 14 km from Arrecife is the Puerto Del Carmen which is the original tourist town of the island.  It stands in the old harbor and it is renowned for its restaurants, annual carnivals, pubs, and nightlife. Do not ask me how I found that out. Remember, I was a tourist on the island, and I had to know everything that needed knowing and visit places that I deserved to visit experience and enjoy my holiday to the fullest. The town has over 5km of golden sandy beaches. The town hosts the annual Iron Man competition.

When you come down here, do not forget to visit Playa Bianca which is a perfect package holiday destination in Lanzarote. Originally it was a small fishing village and very popular with tourists looking for a relaxing environment and a place where they can visit natural wonders like the cliffs at Los Hervideros and the El Golfo’s Green Lagoon.





Puerto Del Carmen
Puerto Del Carmen – Promenade at night


Beach bar Lanzarote webcam On Costa Teguise


Boozy Tripper Favorite Section

During every trip I visit native stores with alcohol, wine bars, restaurants and take a look at differing kinds of drinks. I actually like native beers from tiny breweries or native wines, but now we have a tendency to tried 15 years old rum.

I asked the barman to order a decent rum from the card in the hotel restaurant and he offered me a glass of rum known as El Dorado.

For a glass of rum I had to pay 12 euros however it had been worthwhile, the rum is wonderful. 

Lush tropical fruit and spice nose with hints of honey and dark sugar. Full bodied roof of the mouth with wealthy flavours of fruit and spice.

Deep, yellowness color. Big, inviting, complex nose with prune, raisin, honey, clove and nutmeg. Full, however elegant entry into the mouth wherever layers of flavour follow the nose with addition of treacle, recent marmalade.

Super swish and soft within the mouth with nice density and silk like flow. Some ripe, tropical flavours seem as will a light-weight oak note. Long and pleasing end.

interesting story, once I asked for to a small degree of cola to rum, the barkeeper looked at me eloquently and that i right away understood that adding a cola to the present rum would offend him in an exceedingly deadly method.



Get the best holiday experience by going for the package holiday Lanzarote deals.







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 Here are a few useful pieces of information to keep it in mind during stay on Lanzarote.

Prices on Lanzarote

Prices of basic food products in supermarkets are at the following level:

  • roll – 0,40 – 0,45 euro
  • bread – 0.70 euros
  • 1 liter of milk – 1.30 euro
  • eggs (12 pieces)  – 1.5euro
  • local cheese for sandwiches (per kg)  – 6 euros


  • white cream cheese (150gr) 1 – 1.50 euros
  • salami (10 dag) – 1.20 euros
  • chorizo sausage (10 slices) – 1,00 euro
  • tomatoes (per kg) – 1.35 euros
  • rice (per kg) – 1.00 euros
  • pasta (25 dag) – 0.8 euros


  • potatoes (per kg) – 1.00 euros
  • oranges (per kg) 1.30-1.50 euro
  • local bananas (per kg) – 1.20 euros
  • meat: beef, pork (per kg) – 4.00 euros
  • jellies (10 dag) less than – 1.00 euros
  • awning type cookies (220 gr packet) – 1.30 euros

Non-alcoholic beverages and spirits and cigarettes:


  • orange juice (per liter) – 1.30 euros
  • mineral water (1.5 liters) 0.50-1.00 euro
  • Cola (for two liters) – 1.60 euros
  • energy drink (0.25 liters) – 1.20 euros
  • local beer (per liter) – 1,20-1,40 euros


  • imported beer (0.33 liter can)  0.55 – 0.70 euro
  • a bottle of wine not the cheapest  – 4 euros
  • local cactus liqueur (0.5 liters) – 10 euros
  • branded vodka (liter) 12 – 13 euro
  • a packet of branded cigarettes  2-3 euro


Example dinner prices in restaurants in Lanzarote:


  • a portion of pasta-  6 euros
  • fish dish plus filling soup – 8 euro
  • fresh seafood dishes 8-14 euros
  • dish without meat eg from chickpeas – 6 euro
  • meat dishes from – 8 euros
  • set in fast-life 5 -7 euros
  • coffee  1-1,50 euro
  • local beer (0.5 liters) – 1.50 euros
  • imported beer (0.33 liters) – 2 euros
  • cola or other soda (0.33 liter) – 0.70-1.50 euro
  • water (0.33 liter)  – 0.50-1.30 euro


Best Restaurants On Lanzarote

Logan’s Bar Costa Teguise

Avenida las canarias, Costa Teguise, Canary Islands, Spain, 35508

Outdoor seating, Wi-Fi, Takeaway
Opening hours
Sunday 10:30-00:00
Monday Closed
Tuesday 10:30-00:00
Wednesday 10:30-00:00
Thursday 10:30-00:00
Friday 10:30-00:00
Saturday 10:30-00:00

Chacho Fresh Burger Playa Blanca

Calle la Corriquia, 5, Playa Blanca, Canary Islands, Spain, 35580
Delivery, Takeaway, Outdoor seating, Vegetarian options, Сredit cards accepted, Wi-Fi, Booking
Opening hours
Sunday 13:30-22:30
Monday 13:30-22:30
Tuesday 13:30-22:30
Wednesday 13:30-22:30
Thursday Closed
Friday 13:30-22:30
Saturday 13:30-22:30

Magma Lanzarote Costa Teguise

Plaza Pueblo Marinero, 2, Costa Teguise, Canary Islands, Spain, 35508

Outdoor seating

Café Terraza Playa Blanca

La Marina, s/n, Playa Blanca, Canary Islands, Spain, 35580

Wi-Fi, Сredit cards accepted, Outdoor seating
Opening hours
Sunday Closed
Monday 10:00-00:00
Tuesday 10:00-00:00
Wednesday 10:00-00:00
Thursday 10:00-00:00
Friday 10:00-00:00
Saturday 10:00-00:00

El Kiosko Puerto Del Carmen

Av. de las Playas, 51, Puerto del Carmen, Canary Islands, Spain, 35510

Outdoor seating
Opening hours
Sunday 08:00-01:00
Monday 08:00-01:00
Tuesday 08:00-01:00
Wednesday 08:00-01:00
Thursday 08:00-01:00
Friday 08:00-01:00
Saturday 08:00-01:00

Night Clubs Lanzarote

Night Club 55

Av. de las Islas Canarias, 3, 35508 Costa Teguise, Las Palmas, Spain
 +34 928 34 60 45

Lanzarote palace

 Calle Reina Sofía, 24, 35518 Tías, Las Palmas, Spain
+34 649 55 46 86

Sala de Fiestas Night Club

Calle los Roferos, 14, 35510 Puerto del Carmen, Las Palmas, Spain
+34 928 51 15 13


Lanzarote Street Market


Lanzarote. Teguise market. Symbol of handicrafts.

This is one of the Street Market on the archipelago, where you can find almost anything. It is famous for various handicrafts. Every Sunday, the center, small streets and squares of Teguise, located in the northern part of the island, change.

They are filled with colors, music and endless streams of people who are looking for original products originating from the Islands at the best price.

Ceramics, leather and basketball products, wine, cheese and fruits are the main attractions at the market. This place is very popular with tourists, therefore new parking spaces have been created in the area.

Festival’s on Lanzarote

San Ginés

The largest sports and folklore festival in the capital of Lanzarote, Arrecife. The program includes sports, regattas, football matches, games for children, events for seniors, traditional music festival, performances of canary humor stars (Manolo Vieira, Matías Alonso), concerts, outdoor discos, dance parties to the sounds of orchestras playing Latin American music, fireworks show.

The program also includes the International Folklore Festival and the Rock Festival. Miss Arrecife and the Queen of the Fiesta, San Ginés, will also be chosen. The great final is usually around 25 of August.


If you need order flowers or gift to your special one, you can do it in

Flowers by Serenity
Calle Achaman 30, Tiagua, Teguise, Lanzarote, 35558, Spain










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  2. After seeing this post and its comprehensive information, I’m planning a “money jar” for this trip for sure! Everything looks so exciting and interesting. Thanks for the list of actual costs for items there Michal. I have nothing else to say except Absolutely Incredible.

    I’m signing up just because I don’t actually encounter too many websites like yours which provides the “feel” of actually already went there and knowing how much everything costs. This makes planning extremely easy.

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