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Germany is a fascinating country it has all sorts of attractions from beautiful castles to amazing sceneries. One of these castles would be the Neuschwanstein Castle it is a nineteenth-century Romanesque Revival palace. You can Compare Flights Prices and Cheapest Flights to Germany​ here

Neuschwanstein Castle​

It is located on a hill above the village of Hohenschwangau in the southwest part of Germany. It gives you the opportunity to see the castle on the inside and the fully furnished rooms in it.

It serves as the inspiration for Disney lands sleeping beauty castle as well as other structures. The castle was intended as a home for the king, until he died. 1.6 million people visit this castle annually and about 6,000 thousand visit per day during the summer.


Europa-Park would be a more family/children friendly as it would be more interesting for them. It is a themed park and the biggest one in Germany.

It is second most popular park in Europe just after Disney land.
It has 13 roller coasters and 13 water slides and 103 in total.

Estimated to have about 60,000 visitors per day. It is something that brings joy and happiness to all ages and anyone should be able to find something for them self


Romantische Straße ​

Romantische Straße is a Romantic Road located in the Southern part of Germany. It is a highway that is 350km in length which leads you through forests and mountains of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. It is very interesting and the views are great definitely worth the drive through experience and even a stop for a while.


The Frauenkirche​

Another beautiful structure would be a church more specifically The Frauenkirche which is a Gothic church also known as ‘The devils footprint’.

This is a beautiful place to visit definitely perfect if you want to see the amazing Gothic architecture. The towers usually open to those who want to climb up the stairs. It is 109 meters tall and 40 meters in width. It has a total of two towers which are 99 meters tall.


The Zwinger​

Since Germany has many beautiful buildings another example would be The Zwinger is a palace in the eastern part of Germany. It covers a huge area with all of the gardens and building segments.

The gardens are full of all sorts of plants and creatures that call it their home, it also has really pretty fountains that add to its beauty It once served as the orangery, exhibition gallery and festival arena of the Dresden Court.

Thanks for reading, I hope did you find this article helpfully, if you want to leave your personal review leave a comment please.


Thanks for reading, I hope did you find this article helpfully, if you want to leave your personal review leave a comment please. I hardly working to make my articles interesting, useful and informational, small donation let me keep that blog improve.




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