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To cheaply spend the night in a good hotel, you can browse websites for opportunities. You can use a search engine to compare price here. Or you need a bit of diplomacy, the right approach and knowledge to get a discount of even 25-30 percent of the price without any problems. How To Find Discount Hotel Deals? We’re already explaining.

Price lists in hotels are very flexible – there is no single rate for each guest. This gives you a lot of opportunities to get a big discount. How to do it and what to remember?



  • Never book a hotel room through its official website (with a few exceptions) or by phone without knowing its price list from online comparison websites. Price lists on official websites are almost always overstated and oscillate around the market average in a given city or region.


  • The loyalty programs of large hotel chains, which once in a while offer solid promotions by themselves.” This is the case with the Accor network, which twice a year gives a 50% discount on most of its European hotels – just set up the account and virtual loyalty card.


  • It is much easier to negotiate just before leaving. Most hotels have a last minute option – this means that if you ask for 5-10 percent. rebate, should not be a problem. Of course, we’re talking rather about the middle of the week and not at the absolute top.


  • A good way to get Discount Hotel Deals is to check the price on the FineHoliday and a quick phone call to the hotel. Booking has a lot of commissions, so we can boldly ask for 15-20 percent. discount. If there are many vacancies in the hotel, the receptionist can accept our rate with a hand kiss. The more so because the hotel does not lose anything, because from the price on the portal he would have to pay a commission anyway. The selling price will be lower anyway, which means a discount of up to 25%.


  • Hoteliers’ friends also tell us that a good method when negotiating a hotel’s price is to enter their budget limit for accommodation – for example, euro 50 per night. If the receptionist has an empty hotel, he will take it. It was difficult for me to believe in the effectiveness of this method, but we have used it several times and, surprisingly, it even works.


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discount Hotel Deals
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