Tenerife being a part of the Canary Islands, Spain has many attractions it is truly a beautiful place with many breath taking views. There is plenty very nice located hotels, apartments and villas so organise cheap holidays on Tenerife is easy to doOne if the best views on this beautiful island is the view from Tide which is the highest point above sea level in Spain.

For those who have children the trip to the top may not be the best idea but there are other attractions. One of these would be Loro Parque. This is a huge zoo that has many animals as attractions main ones would include whales, dolphins, flamingos and seals.
Their parrot collection is one of the largest ones in the world. Tenerife also has many beautiful beaches one of these would be Playa de las Vistas. Here you can do many activates which include sun bathing, swimming scuba diving you could also participate in surfing. For nature lovers there are many attractions too, you could visit Drago de lcod de los Vinos which shows a massive tree which is estimated to be over 1,000 years old.

There is a huge carnival called the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival and the dates for 2018 are from January 12th till 7th February. Throughout these dates there are many attractions which include Musical groups and choreographic groups on the 20th January, election of the queen for the kids on the 28th and on February 7th 2018 the overall carnival queen.

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Fuerteventura is another one of the Canary Islands which also has many attractions and views these would include attractions for all ages. ACUA Water Park is one of the attractions that would suit all age groups. There are many different slides, pools, gift shops, restaurants and small attractions throughout the whole water park this is a great way to spend a family day together. The Oceanarium Explorer is for those who like water and sea creatures this is a glass bottomed boat that lets you watch all living creatures of the sea.

Of course it wouldn’t be a holiday without a beach and a beautiful beach with clear water would be Playa de Matorral. Fiesta de San Juan is on the eve Saint John’s day on the 23rd which is a time where huge bonfires are lit in many locations around the island. The views are pretty cool and make great photos and memories.


Lanzarote being third on this list of Canary Islands it definitely isn’t less interesting neither is it less breath taking. For chill trips you could travel to The Cactus Garden it is filled with 4,500 specimens of 450 different species. Of course no holidays complete without a beach and a truly amazing beach her is called the Famara as at a beach you can participate in activities you can do the same here part from the normal activities you can also go surfing in the beautifully clear water. Aqualava Water Park is a charming water park featuring 5 water slides, a lazy river, a wave pool, kids play structures and concessions.

In October there is a Visual Music Festival organized since 1989 by both the government and the tourist department which combines contemporary music with the islands amazing natural assets.

Grand Canaria

Grand Canaria being one of the more well-known Canary Islands has many different attractions these are for adults, children and also teenagers everyone will definitely find something for them in their interest range here. Aqualand Maspalomas is definitely an attraction for all ages as it has a large variety of pools, slides, dining areas and sea lions which is quite a few attractions that grab attention of the children. Another massive water park is the Lago Taurito Parque Acuatico which is a very busy aqua park that has many exciting slides, splash areas and play areas for kids teenagers and adults too which keeps the whole family busy for the whole day.

For those who love nature Azuaje is the perfect place to go it is great for hiking. It is a gigantic nature reserve/nature park. It has amazing hiking trails, tranquil ravine features and also magnificent waterfalls. Museo Elder de la Ciencia y la Technologia is a perfect place for science lovers. This is a museum with hands-on displays with a replica space station, also has a 3-D cinema and planetarium which is also a great way to spend your time.

There are many carnivals and festivals with lots of music and dancing planned for 2018 unfortunately the majority of the dates haven’t been released yet. One of these amazing carnivals would be the Las Palmas carnival in 2017 it has started on the 10th February till the 3rd of March. This can only give an idea of how amazing it will be in 2018.

Canary Islands Weather

The weather on all Canary islands are very sunny and worm. Temperatures are between 19ºC – 24ºC all year round. Climate  is mild on winter time and very warm in summer. Trade Winds from the Sahara a few times a year.


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