Best Water Parks Resorts

If you like to visit water parks with your family, there is few tips for our 3 choose Best Water Parks Resorts in Europe. Read More.

  • Ayia Napa, Cyprus
  • Aquariaz – Avoriaz, France
  • Siam Park, Tenerife, Spain


Water Parks

Now a days it’s very rare to find a good thrill giving Water Park. One that will put a huge smile on your face or one that makes you scream at the top of your lungs that’s why it’s easier to read about them first here are 3 best waterpark for families and friends that want to have a fantastic time on holidays and not only.

These parks should definitely be on your bucket list. These Water Park Resorts are all different from each other in some way but until you visit all you’re just going to have to trust my word.

They are most definitely worth an Instagram photo or a snap and a great way to make people jealous of your experience.

Ayia Napa, Cyprus ​

The first one on this list would definitely be a water park in Ayia Napa, Cyprus which is a gigantic themed waterpark in fact it’s the biggest in Europe.

It has many fascinating attractions that would come to interest even of the pickiest people. Its many colorful slides and rides attract many tourists. Its pools are ideal to go for a swim, relax or play games with the family.

There attractions even for the youngest such as attraction pools, wave pools and also slides. Even though the entry fee is a little bit pricey it is most definitely worth every cent.

Aquariaz – Avoriaz France​


Another water park that is definitely worth a look would be Aquariaz – Avoriaz France. It is an ‘’in mountain’’ water park/ resort It is a really beautiful place that is great for families or just to spend time with friends.

It has many pools that are great for kids and also vegetation and rocks: a river with a gentle current, a slidewinder, a water playhouse, a paddling pool, a large pool with climbing walls, massage benches and an open air spa.

This makes it perfect for relaxing and having a great time with your closest ones. They have many more other activity points along the way.

Siam Park, Tenerife, Spain.​

The last park that we have on the list would be Siam Park, Tenerife, Spain. This brilliant park full of attractions is something anyone of all ages could find interesting.

From slides with shark views to spiral slides and other attractions it is by far the best one I’ve seen.

It has beautiful buildings and statues. It claims to be the most spectacular in Europe. With 25 Thai buildings it’s the largest collection of Thai buildings outside Thailand.

The park holds world records in fact 7 of them for different reasons. With great prices comes an amazing experience and many smiles.

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