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I will take you on a beautiful tour to the sunny island of Tenerife. I will review the best hotels on Island, from the most luxurious, by equally beautiful but more affordable to very cheap family lodgings. I will also tell you about the place to visit and things to do on Tenerife. let’s start from the beginning – All Inclusive Tenerife Holidays

Our All Inclusive Tenerife Holidays
Our hotel room sea coast view.

In which part of the Island to stay? This choice is of great importance. The climate makes the northern and southern parts of the island differ significantly.

The north is much greener, but rain is also more common there. Whereas the south has a dried landscape, but the sunshine almost all the time. You have to decide for yourself what you care about more.

The main tourist destinations around which most visitors come together are the resorts of Los Cristianos, Playa de las Americas, and Costa Adeje in the southwest of the island and Puerto de la Cruz in the north.

If you want to avoid crowds – avoid these places. However, if you like when something is happening, it is where you walk in the evening, you can not imagine going out without nightlife – these are the addresses you are looking for.

Tolidays Los Cristianos Tenerife

Lets review some hotels to stay in that area



This is a lovely hotel for a relaxing holiday and All Inclusive Tenerife Holidays, it’s a beachfront setting with great views and the pretty grounds and poolsides are well maintained. All staff works hard to make sure you have a very enjoyable and comfortable stay and the buffet restaurant provides a wide variety of good food and wine. The UP grade made the holiday really special, all staff members provide an exceptional level of service.



This is a 4-star friendly hotel. It is clean, the staff is superb and it has all the amenities you would need. It is a complex with 4 large pools, one being a rooftop with jacuzzis and whirlpools all over the place. There are two pools dedicated to adults only.

There are two main restaurants and the food is varied and very good quality. The breakfast provides everything and there is too much of a choice. The rooms are airy, clean and well furnished. The rooms are cleaned every day and the linen and towels are changed daily. There is not much else to say so just book it. The entertainment in the evening is good.




Let’s check some hotels on the north side of the island


This is a beautiful hotel, the dining room, and the bar are particularly enjoyable – almost an Art Deco experience. The staff is extremely helpful and I have never experienced a hotel where the housekeeping staff took such pride in their work. The food is very good for an international hotel.

The beautiful views available of the dramatic sea from the front of the hotel or the beautiful pools at the back. Overall a great experience!



The Atlantic Mirage Suites & Spa this hotel is gorgeous and really modern. All the staff is very friendly and made a guest feel welcome. The breakfasts and evening meals plenty choices and snacks available during the day is very good choice for All Inclusive Tenerife Holidays

Plenty of sunbeds around the pool and the roof terrace have the hot tubs and sunbeds also. The bar you can get snacks and drinks, and the views are amazing. The rooms are a good size with a fridge and microwave which is handy and all the rooms have a sea view.



Best Hotel Tenerife South


What to do and what to see in Tenerife?

There is a lot of it and you will not be bored. Below are my suggestions for spending time in Tenerife. All of them are one-day trips, basically all day long.
This is one of the most popular trips around the island, because of the picturesque and breathtaking panoramic route to almost isolated from the world of Masca village.

  • Cliffs Los Gigantes,
  • Village Masca
  • Destroyed by the volcano Garachico
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
  • Pico del Teide – My absolute favorite, the coolest day in Tenerife – a traveling route with entry to the highest peak of Spain, the Pico del Teide volcano


Cliffs of Los Gigantes

beautiful! From the viewpoints on the route to Puerto de Santiago, they look spectacular. The cliffs themselves are up to 800 m high and emerge from the water at the western end of the island.

Smaller and larger cruise ships sail out of the town of Puerto de Santiago, and you can swim to the Giants and admire them from the water. That’s what I will do next time because it must be a cool experience.

Los Gigantos cliffs from view point
Cliff Los Gigantos





Here begins the most interesting part of today’s adventure, or about 100 km of scenic route among mountains and ravines. Many drivers have concerns about passing this route, but there is nothing to be afraid of.

The road is quite narrow and very winding, but it is in very good condition, even with numerous coves where cars from the opposite direction may pass. For the views – worth the dizziness that can get you after driving many turns.

masca village tenerife, View from above
Beautiful Masca – Village



The town is one of the older on Tenerife – it dates from the fifteenth century. It used to have commercial significance and a large prosperous port, but everything changed the eruption of the volcano from 1706, during which for a few weeks the lava flowing down to the ocean almost made the entire city with the earth!

They were rebuilt on a solidified lava and now you can walk along the coast and admire this little lunar black landscape. On the ocean, lava formed basins – a kind of rock pools where you can swim.

Garachico Tenerife, oldest City on Island
The oldest City


Santa Cruz De Tenerife

I liked the park of Garcia Sanabria – a very pleasant place to walk. The park is interestingly designed, the streets meet in the middle of the square with an unusual fountain, erected in honor of the founder – the mayor of the city of Garcia Sanabria. In one part of the park, among the oleanders and roses, you can take a stroll down the Pergola Passage.

At one of the entrances is a huge clock made of fresh flowers. Its mechanism is the best Swiss technology from 1958 – and it works! In addition, throughout the park, you can encounter the remains of the World Street Art Exhibition, which were set here in 1974. In the center, there are several streets forming the old town.

Best Area Tenerife - Auditorio
Auditorio de Tenerife

Pico Del Teide

National Park covers the area of Las Cañadas caldera. The caldera is a depression that is created by the strong eruption of the volcano when its peak is simply torn. The Caldera in Tenerife is one of the largest in the world and is about 15 km in diameter!

The caldera itself is basically flat. In its area, there are several volcanic cones, including the highest, ie Pico del Teide, which is located at 3718 m above sea level. and it is also the highest peak in Spain. Pico del Teide is a typical stratovolcano, i.e. a cone-shaped top made of solidified lava.

The lava that came out of it was so vicious that it did not spill over a large surface, but it quickly solidified to form a taller cone. The last eruption took place in 1909 and since then the volcano is considered dormant. The summit looks phenomenal and can be seen from every point of the route.




3 charming worth to visit Canarian towns, each of them has a different glamor.

  • Icod de los Vinos,
  • La Orotava,
  • La Laguna


Icod de Los Vinos Icod

Is known primarily for the oldest and largest dracaena in the world. The dragon tree is 16 m high and it is estimated that it is 600-800 years old. If you really want to go to Dracaena Park, think twice about it.

From inside the park, dracaena looks worse – it is best seen from the park at the church of St. Mark. For free. In the park itself, you will see a lot of different species of plants + a guancze cave + butterflyarium (for an additional fee). Entrance to the park 5 Euro per person.


La Orotava

The town is atmospheric, full of narrow streets with beautiful tenement houses. When strolling, it is worth visiting the open gates to admire the interior patios full of plants.

La Orotava is known, among others, for Casas de Los Balcones, or Balkonowe Domów. It’s traditional Canarian wooden balconies, beautifully decorated. The most famous of these buildings is Casa de Los Balcones or House of Balconies.

There are five of them on its outer facade. It is worth entering inside – there is a patio with a rich collection of plants, and in cages, they sing … beautiful yellow canaries.

There is also a school of traditional Canarian embroidery. Even if you are not a fan of such handicrafts, look there to see how intricate work local embroidery ladies do.


La Laguna

The city is described as “a vibrant university city”. Worth to walk through the old town ( inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List)

There are plenty restaurants with good food but watch it before enter – if no one eats, that is, it is not worth to go in. The good idea is watch where local people eat, not tourists.


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Outdoor activities on Tenerife.


There are few ideas to spend your time actively on Tenerife, organized by local small businesses


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